Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin miscarriage in 3, 2, 1 - in 60 days or less

Bristol is shrinking - she's losing that baby fat. She no pregnant.

Watch for it - when she starts losing that baby fat, the story is gonna drop that she had a miscarriage - and Sarah Palin will DEMAND the MSM leave her and her family out of the spotlight. Guess what? The gullible MSM will stop digging and be gentle to Palin. She knows this - and she's gonna do it soon. Why? If she's showing now, she will have to either get bigger or lose the baby. Imagine the sympathy vote. Palin and the miscarriage are the October surprise.

Old Bristol from 2006:

Bristol's had the milk breasts and baby bump since late last year.

Then, her body at the VP nomination:
and ...

And now, she's wearing dresses that show off her bod - and she's indeed getting smaller day by day.
and ...
the proud parents with their son:

Ladies and gents, I've seen several pregnant women (including my wife) in my day and I have yet to this day to see a woman LOSE WEIGHT during her pregnancy. Based on these pics, I do believe one of two things - either she is pregnant AGAIN or she is losing that baby fat. Either way, this is gonna happen when it's time for her to show.

She WILL *LOSE* THE BABY. You heard it here - and please copyright Baby Trig for Obama 08 when it happens. It will be the ultimate October surprise. And really play to the dummies who will represent the sympathy vote.

There's only one real way to combat Sarah Palin. Sick Hillary Clinton on her. You can't have a black dude or an older white guy on Palin. She'll cry and add the miscarriage and ... you have a perfect storm. However, sick the pitbull from Scranton on her. I would pay cash money to have front-row seats to that bout.

As stated, please credit Baby Trig for Obama when the miscarriage happens. Don't be fooled - it is gonna happen soon - within 60 days - or I'll eat my hat.

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