Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin miscarriage in 3, 2, 1 - in 60 days or less

Bristol is shrinking - she's losing that baby fat. She no pregnant.

Watch for it - when she starts losing that baby fat, the story is gonna drop that she had a miscarriage - and Sarah Palin will DEMAND the MSM leave her and her family out of the spotlight. Guess what? The gullible MSM will stop digging and be gentle to Palin. She knows this - and she's gonna do it soon. Why? If she's showing now, she will have to either get bigger or lose the baby. Imagine the sympathy vote. Palin and the miscarriage are the October surprise.

Old Bristol from 2006:

Bristol's had the milk breasts and baby bump since late last year.

Then, her body at the VP nomination:
and ...

And now, she's wearing dresses that show off her bod - and she's indeed getting smaller day by day.
and ...
the proud parents with their son:

Ladies and gents, I've seen several pregnant women (including my wife) in my day and I have yet to this day to see a woman LOSE WEIGHT during her pregnancy. Based on these pics, I do believe one of two things - either she is pregnant AGAIN or she is losing that baby fat. Either way, this is gonna happen when it's time for her to show.

She WILL *LOSE* THE BABY. You heard it here - and please copyright Baby Trig for Obama 08 when it happens. It will be the ultimate October surprise. And really play to the dummies who will represent the sympathy vote.

There's only one real way to combat Sarah Palin. Sick Hillary Clinton on her. You can't have a black dude or an older white guy on Palin. She'll cry and add the miscarriage and ... you have a perfect storm. However, sick the pitbull from Scranton on her. I would pay cash money to have front-row seats to that bout.

As stated, please credit Baby Trig for Obama when the miscarriage happens. Don't be fooled - it is gonna happen soon - within 60 days - or I'll eat my hat.

Look for my complete breakdown on Baby Gate


politicallyspouting said...

Will anxiously await your October surprise.

What I've been wondering is this: IF the truemomma is Bristol, what will happen if Mccain wins and the Palin family moves to DC? Who will live where?

In order to keep up the facade, we'd expect baby T to move into VP Mansion with VP Palin & Mr.Mom.

Where will truemomma & babydaddy live? In the VP mansion? Will they lease a house nearby? Where will babydaddy work? As a Senate page?

Fascinating stuff. Feels like a time bomb.


I''m 66 years old; a mother of 5 children.

I lost weight with 4 of my 5 children. I didn't wear maternity clothes for my 1st or 2nd children.

I didn't start to show until my 7th month for the 3rd and 4th child.

I didn't start to show until 6 weeks before I delivered my 5th baby.

When I say I didn't start to show, I didn't have a large enough bump to look any more pregnant than the next woman who wasn't - just looked a bit 'out of shape around the middle'.

I not a fan of Sarah by any means, but we need to remember that 'showing' a pregnancy is different for each person.

I weighed 110# at age 16; I'm 66 and weight 117# - people who are not prone to gaining weight, don't gain any more than the baby's weight (8 pounds average), and about 3 pounds for the placenta, so that means 12# gain.

Since I exercised and kept active I LOST weight (my doctor didn't like it by the way), and after the child was born, I was down to 103# in one case; down to 101# in another, and a new low of $100# with the third (all of which required a quick diet to gain weight since I'm 5'7" and that's totally unhealthy).

Just as an FYI for your reference. Regards, Diane

PolySciSuzie said...

This prediction actually first appeared on the immoral minority blog in numerous comment areas by "anonymous"....I'll add my twist. The miscarriage will take place on or just before October 6th, the date of the VP Debate.
But if we stick to Sarah's plan, there should be a wedding announcement soon, I can't wait....I'm sending the "happy couple" condoms. My take, Levi has no intention of marrying this girl or taking care of his baby Trig and the miscarriage is pending.

politicallyspouting said...

oh, my guess is this babydaddy wants his 15 minutes of fame, just like anyone else, and marrying her is the ticket. anyway, there'd probably be a posse waiting for him in wasilla.

William said...

When did Democrats turn into Republicans? I have never heard such garbage as has been spewing out of the Democratic blogs. Instead of intelligently discussing the issues, everyone has been reduced to the lowest common denominator of trashing Sarah Palin's 17 year-old daughter. Do you have any idea how that makes you look? Stupid would be a good place to start. And then we could move on to dim-witted, brainless, obtuse, malicious, mean-spirited all the way to obnoxious, repugnant, detestable and loathsome.

What do you see when you look in the bathroom mirror? The face of an intelligent person? Or do you see the face of a total moron? My guess would be the latter.

PolySciSuzie said...

William, if in fact it is true that Palin faked a pregnancy to protect her daughter and is now parading around a downs syndrome child getting sympathy....well, this is about as bad as starting a false war. all we are asking for is a few hospital records, a birth certificate and maybe a little dna.

Jo said...
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PrissyPatriot said...

Happy, I'd quite frankly like to see the pictures...apparently you haven't seen the pictures of Sarah with one of her other pregnancies.

It was very OBVIOUS she was pregnant in her prior pregancies. Nearly all women who aren't bulimics gain weight during their pregnancies- doctors recommend 25 pounds at least-times have changed-if a
mother was losing weight instead of gaining (which most is gained 6-9th months) she would be hospitalized for proper nutrition. Those were the good ole days when they told mothers to gain only 10 pounds or so during a pregnancy-and they were obese to begin with-not in good shape like you were.

Something about this whole mess stinks and its not just baby Trig's diapers...

politicallyspouting said...

William, Thanks for your efforts to stand up and shield Sarah's daughter. I too am very sorry that she has been cast into the harsh media spotlight.

I think you mistunderstand the main issue here, however. Sarah Palin herself is the one under scrutiny. It is she who is responsible for her daughter's privacy being violated on a national scale. She is guilty of either (1) pretending the baby is her own as a means of protecting her daughter's reputation (honorable intention but dubious judgement) (2) pretending the baby is her own as a means of protecting her own political career (flatly not honorable) or (3) lieing about nothing, she is the true mother of baby Trig, but choosing to become McCain's running mate at a time when her daughter faces one of the biggest crises a teenager can face (questionable from a family values perspective... because, the Republican party is ALL ABOUT family values, the last time I tuned into a RNC speech).

So thanks for allowing me to clarify that my own interest in this maternity issue has nothing to do with a naive 17 year old who is just trying to live her life. I wish her the very best, no matter who's mom she is, or isn't, or will be, or won't.

William said...

President John F. Kennedy accepted the Presidency of the United States while his wife was pregnant. Their son was born November 25, 1960. JFK and his wife then had a another child who died two days after he was born in August 1963. Do you think that affected his Presidency? JFK was a Democrat, and he would be disgusted with all of these blogs today. Family values? Who are you kidding? It's rubbish. The Democratic party is stooping lower than the Republicans ever did at their worst!

PalinBabyQuestion said...

Here are two thoughtful sites that are trying to collect and publish information on the (still open) question of who are the parents of Trig Palin:

or if you have to "copy and paste:"

redbraceletdream said...

I guess you're going to be eating your hat. No miscarriage.